Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Vancouver. Rain. Cold. Damp. Like London on a wet week-end. It has rained here every day for 30 days now and parts of the City were under evacuation alert - in danger of land drifting due to the water levels in the ground..while the danger has passed, it tells us something about the way in which rain permeates this place.

I like Vancouver, but not in this kind of weather. Staying in the hotel, reading and watching TV is not my idea of fun.

Golden Globes last night - nice show. Good responses from Hugh Laurie (House) and Gina Davis (Commander in Chief). Oscars coming 5th March.

The big news is that Michelle - Glyn's lady - was denied access to the US on Sunday. They didnt believe shw was just going for 6 months - looked like she was setting up for a permenant stay. Three choices: (a) collect documents etc showing that she will only be there for 6 months; (b) Glyn works a reasonable amount of his contract, but gets a job back here; (c) marriage. I think they are working on (b), though I think (a) is the better option. We'll see.

You'd never know that the US is facing labour shortages and that lawyers (two - count them) advised that there would not be a problem.

I feel sorry for these two. Its been a hassle. All character building, I know, but..

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