Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Next Big Thing..

Canadian's are about to elect a new government (except, as one little girl told me many years ago "it doesn't matter who you vote for, the government always gets in"). It looks like a very new government. One way or another, we will shift from a Liberal government which has been in power for 13 years to a Conservative government, none of whom have ever held office in a Federal Government. The only issue is whether it will be a minority government or a narrow majority government. Either way, our new Prime Minister will be Stephen Harper.

Our official opposition will almost certainly be the Bloc Quebecois - if the Liberals are truly trounced, as looks likely.

Canadian Conservatives are nothing like "real" conservatives - Margaret Thatcher's team for example with Sir Keith Joseph. Here conservatives are bland, modest people who believe in a slightly smaller government with slightly less tolerance of such things as gay marriage (a nonsense which Canada has adopted). There are a few nut cases in the Tory group, but there are even more in the NDP. So I predict no major change.

The problem I have with the election here is that not a single candidate has connected with this house by telephone, pamphlet or in person. When I ran the 1974 Cardiff West campaign we canvassed every house in person 3 times in 4 weeks. We leafleted every house three times and we ran local meetings and paradades. This is like taking a valium.

On Tuesday when the results are out, expect various worthies to be shocked and alarmed at change - don't panic.

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