Saturday, April 02, 2005

Gas and the Pope

I must say that I am getting very excited about the wedding of Charles and Camilla. Well, when I say "very excited" I probably mean that once in every 1,000 hours I think - poor buggers. I mean who cares.

Now here's a strange thing. I fill up with gas at Legal, which is always around 5-7cents cheaper than City gas. Its an Esso station, so I use Superpass - a small thing attached to my key ring automatically opens the pump, lets me pump gas, charges it to my visa card and credits my aeroplan account with an appropriate (and modest) number of miles. Its a great idea. I dont have to "go in and pay", I can just drive off.

Twice in the last two months I have been chased down the highway by some well meaning guy in a Ford or Chevvy one tonne, who then pulls in in front of me forcing me stop, gets out of the car and angrily accuses me of stealing gas from the gas station. When I explain, they generally dont believe me, so we go back to the gas station and the nice lady behind the counter (Doreen) says "Hi Steve - forget something?" and then she explains to the guy (its always a guy) how Superpass works. It was amusing the first time, getting to be a real pain now.

John Paul wont last much longer. I have written before in this blog about his successor (check out the archive). I hope he is as serene as they say.

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