Thursday, March 31, 2005


Listening to the news this morning on television while eating breakfast and making a cappucino, I heard that a bullock had come through the roof of a house not far from here and that the police were investigating how a bullock could drop onto a woman while she was sleeping.

You can imagine how my imagination then got to work. Perhaps an irate ex husband had hired a helicopter, attached a bullock to a sling, flown over her house at 3am in the morning and dropped the bullock at exactly the right point for it to crash through her ceiling and land on her side of the bed (her husband next to her was, according to the report, not hurt).

It was only later I found out that it was a bullet that had come through the roof (still a mystery as to how this could happen) and not a bullock.

I was disappointed. I thought we had a real sci-fi mystery to solve and now its just a matter of physics and the man..

Watched an interview with Ian Ranking (author of the Rebus novels) and was impressed - a down to earth guy who treats writing like any other trade and gets on with it.

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