Monday, August 25, 2008

Global Warming Causes a Hole in My Sock

I have a hole in my sock. Its not a large hole, but it will become one if it isn’t darned soon (does anyone else still darn socks?).

I blame global warming. My sock is made of wool. The wool probably comes from Australia, since the socks are Australian and have an Aussie pattern on them. Australia, especially South Australia, is suffering from drought. Drought is affecting the grazing grounds for sheep and this in turn affects their health. A sheep’s health determines the quality of both lamb and mutton and the wool that sheep produce. Poor wool quality leads to poor sock quality. Thus the hole in my sock is a result of global warming.

Not really – but this is the logic people are using when suggesting that this or that phenomenon is occurring as a result of global warming, even though the number of intervening variables are considerable and the interaction between them complex.
So the idea that the polar bears are dying out (which is simply not true) and that this is due to global warming is based on my hole in the sock logic.

Darn it, literally.

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