Friday, August 15, 2008

Environmentalists- The New Liberal Fascists?

Mussolini and Hitler were socialists. For many years before World War II, Mussolini governed Italy in the name of a left agenda and was seeking to dismantle various aspects of capitalism – moving more organizations and economic sectors into state control. Both secured significant and substantial popular support – not only were they leading socialist party’s they were also leading populist parties. They were also nationalists – passionate about their national identity and evoking such an identity at every opportunity – something every American President has done.

The new fascists are also socialists and populists. We call them environmentalists: they seek state control and intervention in key aspects of daily life, seek to control the work of corporations, to use state means to manage core economic sectors and subvert science to support their cause. They are also seeking to redistribute wealth (the fundamental purpose of Kyoto Accord was to redistribute wealth) and to manage economic development and growth. Critically: they understand that the State has to control the behavior of individuals, groups and organizations if the good of the greater number is to triumph over the free market. Since fascism is defined as the religion of the state – environmentalist solutions to global warming are

Like their fascist predecessors, the new fascists are intolerant of opposition – branding global warming skeptics as equivalent to holocaust deniers and seeking intimidation (subtle though this may be) to silence opposition. Occasionally, they have also resorted to modest forms of violent protest to stop those who legitimately oppose the environmental orthodoxy from having their voices heard.

Just as the old fascists subverted science in support of eugenics and anti-Semitism (at least in the case of German fascists), so the modern fascists have subverted science to support an unsupportable theory of global warming as something linked to CO2. Claiming a global scientific consensus (which is also what was claimed for eugenics) which does not in fact exist, there is no real intimidation and resource denial for those seeking to study in depth alternatives to the political orthodoxy. Large research funds are allocated in support of the politically correct theory of global warming and large scale media resources are deployed to obfuscate the issue. Prizes (like the Oscar and Nobel prizes) are awarded to icons of the new fascism who distort known facts.

Propaganda, a hallmark of fascism in Italy and Germany, is alive and well and pursued in favour of a fascists environmental agenda. Guilt for using non-renewable energy, seeking to create a popular anti-capitalist CO2 movement and softening up the public to accept substantive state control are hallmarks of this socialist propaganda.

This short piece is likely to upset some people. But they should consider very carefully how the term “fascist” is being defined. They also may wish to read the book Liberal Fascism.


Anonymous said...

Assuming you have presented an accurate perception of the environmentalist, let's not allow this to smokescreen the issue: Pollution is bad.

Stephen Murgatroyd said...

Pollution is bad, but this is not the issue we are being presented with. The issue, according to the new gospel, is that man is creating global warming and we need to spend billions to have an impact on the world's climate. The reaction would be different if we simply said "pollution is bad, clean it up". Not a big enough sell line...

Thanks for your comment..