Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Series of Unofrtunate Events

You can tell where the media loyalties lie. Globe and Mail has several pages looking at the liberal leadership campaign – an amuse, it seems to me. CBC is dedicating what looks like most of the day to this gong show.

The fact that there is no real democracy here – it’s a delegate conference where a lot of bar trading is taking place (something that most mature political parties – except in the US – abandoned in the last century) or no real significance to this (Harper will win against any of the front runners, especially Ignatieffor Dion) doesn’t seem to occur to these writers and broadcasters. I have watched the CBC goon show for an hour now (nothing of significance appears to happen for long chunks of time, so its reality TV) and not a single mention of Alberta.

Most of the time on CBC involves unknown reporters talking to unknown people about a series of unfortunate events.

The Globe’s coverage of Alberta is a half page, half of which is a map. Go figure. Here we are in a country with 2.3% GDP h and Alberta has 5% where the Federal surplus is half that of Alberta and where the real key to our relationship with the US (oil) will be decided.

So here is my prediction – Stephane Dion will win the liberal leadership and Dinning will win the Alberta race, but it will be close and Ed Stalmach will do well (possibly beating Morton). Now I am off to vote.

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