Sunday, September 03, 2006

Films and Updates

We have been away a lot during the period since Augsut 1st - Oregon for 10 days, a few days back home and then Canmore - fishing (artic greyling, trout, steelhead), walking (lovely Larch Valley Banff walk), eating (found a great place in Oregon), Shakespeare at the Globe theatre in Ashland in Oregon and lots of reading...

Also the odd film..

Dot the I – a creative, intelligent suspense drama with a great many twists and turns, not to mention quality acting by Natalie Verbecke and Kit Winter. Strongly recommended.

The Sisters – based on an idea from Chekov’s Three Sisters, this stage to screen adaptation is a strong, emotional drama with strong stage like acting from Elizabeth Banks, Maria Bello and Erika Christensen. Emotion, raw edge drama and surprises. You need to be in a mellow mood – some scotch recommended.

The Sentinel – Michael Douglas, Kieffer Sutherland, Kim Bassinger (always welcome in a movie). Thriller about US President and an assassination attempt - possibly by someone inside the FBI guard detachment. Douglas plays his usual self and Sutherland plays a version of Jack Bauer of CTU/24 on the big screen. OK.

Russian Doll – (second time around) – Australian quirky little film, fun and frivolity. Hugo Weaving (of Matrix, Lord of the Rings and other great movie fame) stars with a vivacious Sacha Horler lead this cast into an intriguing love triangle.

V for Vendetta – probably the best film I have seen in a while – compelling, demanding, intriguing and well written. Hugo Weaving plays V (not that you would know) and the other lead part is the very stunning Natalie Portman, with an interesting role for John Hurt. A largely British cast plays this well and it’s a very good story.

Derailed – Jennifer Aniston is turning into an excellent actress, seems to me. Here is a very good example of her new work, working alongside Clive Owen (this is also a strong role for him) and Vincent Cassel. Strong and interesting story line, very well directed and filmed suspense drama. Up there as a good film, despite the critics…

The Bridge of San Luis Rey – this simply dreadful 2004 film has a strong cast – Robert de Nero, Kathy Bates, F Murray Abraham, Harvey Keitel and many other normally excellent actors. It lacks energy, commitment, passion, direction (it was directed by Mar McGuckian – not her first effort). Avoid at all costs.

- no doubt I have missed some of the ones we saw while traveling - the good news is that I am home. The next news is that I am about to go on the road again – Sept 6 – 20th inclusive (UK, Banff again and Ontario).

Listening the complete Mozart Piano Concerto's (Ashkenazzy) right now - what a stunning achievement. Also writing until my hand wont work (well, wont type - good enough for fishing).

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