Saturday, June 17, 2006


I can hardly be described as a follower of sports, but these are unusual times.

First of all, The Edmonton Oilers ice hockey team are in the Stanley Cup finals. While they are down 2 games to 3 they have the advantage of emotional and community support. Game six is tonight and I hope they win. Its a must watch game.

Then there is the world cup. I caught the Czech vs Ghana game which Ghana won in fine style with a tremendous free flowing game. Then it was Italy and the the US. Italy scored two goals in the first half, sadly one in their own net. They also are down to 10 men, since the ref sent one off. He then sent a US guy off too. WHat drama. This is only the first half of the game.

Soon, starting Monday June 26th it will be Wimbledon - must watch TV. Sadly, Tim Henman will still play creating angst and pain throughout Britain - but there will be lots of excitement, especially now that the Williams sisters are basically "done".

Doesnt end there. In July, England plays Pakistan in a cricket testmatch. Difficult to catch on Canadian TV, but where there is a will (and a TiVio) there is a way.

So, sports look like my summer..

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