Saturday, January 07, 2006


Yesterday, a man receiving treatment at the University Hospital in Edmonton burned himself. He did so by lighting a cigaratte. He lit it adjacent to the oxygen mask he had moved slightly from his mouth and nose so that he could, he thought, get oxygen in his nose while also having a smoke. The oxygen caught fire and burned him. He has 3rd degree burns over 15% of his body.

The good news is that the oxygen tank in his room did not explode. If it did, he may be dead by now (smoking can kill).

The hospital will now treat him for this additional set of medical issues which he caused by his own stupidity.

Can you believe this stuff ? I find it tough to imagine this scenario, but it did happen. All around the hospital there are no smoking signs. Edmonton is increasingly a smoke free zone. What can he have been thinking ? Obviously a candidate for a Darwin Award...

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