Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Employment by Breast

A rule that women applying for government jobs in central Hunan Province (China) had to show that they had symmetrically shaped breasts sparked a public uproar last year and led to calls for stronger legal protection against job discrimination throughout China. While Hunan scrapped its requirement, China still does not have clear-cut laws ruling out such hiring prejudices. This according to a press release from Reuters.

Doesnt this sound a bit far fetched to you ?

But then this is the week which has seen a restraining order issued in Sante Fe against David Letterman for sending subliminal messages to a lady in New Mexico since 1993 (see earlier blog entry). The same judge who issued the order last week, quashed it this week on the grounds that the original submission was baseless. What a difference a few days makes.

Also, this is the month in which a US trade union hired workers to picket Wal-Mart protesting against their low wages. However, the Union hired the workers at $6 an hour - a little less than Wal-Mart paid their lowest paid employees ($6.75). Go figure.

Also this week, a baggage handler drove his truck into the side of an Alaska Airlines airplane punching a hole in the skin of the aircraft and didn't tell anyone about it. In flight, the plane decompressed and had to make an urgent landing back at Sea-Tac. Since this is the airline my son (Glyn) travels on, this is serious.

But back to "nice tits, you're in, odd tits your out" - I wonder if this is why I didn't get the dream job I applied for recently.

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