Friday, November 11, 2005


Condi Rice, US Secretary of State, is in Iraq on a surprise visit. Not sure who is more surprised - the Iraqui authority or her. But that's where she is. I still think she would make a great President and a contest for the job between her and Hilary Clinton would be a hum-dinger.

Lord Litchfield, a close family friend of the Royal family, and one of Britain's most successful photographers has died suddenly. He was not very old (61 or so) but had packed a lot into his life. What always struck me about him was just how amenable he was, even on difficult assignments. Ah well..

Rememberance day. I remember well. My great grandfather lost his life shortly after WWI - he was badly gassed and my father hardly new him. Having read all of the Gilbert biographies of Churchill, several of Hitler and various books about several of the battles plus spent time on the Normandy coast, I cant forget the sacrifice. Lets hope we all prove worthy of that sacrifice.

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