Wednesday, November 02, 2005


On 30th September on these pages I indicated that David Blunkett - a member of the UK cabinet and the first blind cabinet Minister in British history - was on the fall and that Gordon Brown, in picking a Deputy Leader when he becomes Prime Minister will go for JackStraw.

Well, Blunkett resigned yesterday amidst a scandal about his business interests (all over a 15,000 share holding in trust for a bio based business of which he was a non executive Director for two weeks before returning to the Cabinet table - all very silly). His political career is likely finished. He was Work and Pensions Secretary of State - not an insignificant portfolio, as it happens.

Blair - still hanging on as Prime Minister for no obvious reason - has already named John Hutton as Blunkett's successor. He was Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and in the Blair cabinet already.

These are the dying days of the Blair administration. We should expect another suffle later this year or early next year.

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