Monday, November 21, 2005

Crossing the Border, or Not!

When Glyn, en route to Oregon, got to the US border crossing at the Edmonton Airport he diligently presented all of the needed documents to enter the US as a health care worker, fully accredited to work in the US.

He was denied entry.

They officer at the crossing, who appeared helpful, suggested that he was missing a single piece of paper.

It turns out that he wasnt and that the border officer made a mistake.

Glyn has lost time in his new job in the US and is, quite rightly p'd off. Very p'd off. In fact, so p'd off that he is angry.

His employer has been fantastically helpful and understanding, which is good. His professional body in the US is also, at last, stepping up to the plate.

But what a thing to have to go through.

Stay in there and win!

Update: 23rd November: Glyn successfully crossed the border today. He was interviewed by the same man who was about to deny him entry again, when Glyn challenged and showed him the document (as he had done at the week-end) which had attached to it a note from one of the border crossing agents we had seen yesterday confirming that this was acceptable. Ignorance rules. Well done Glyn - persistant, determined and focused, as always.

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