Thursday, October 13, 2005


Another disappointing Sean Penn movie – The Interpreter (with Nicole Kidman). It lacked real drama, felt very contrived and Sean Penn should just act not think about acting all of the time (this method acting gets in the way)

A much better movie from Kevin Spacey looking at the life of Bobby Darin – Beyond the Sea. Spacey presents a convincing character, sings well and brigs to life someone I merely knew vaguely about. Darin died in 1973, which is remarkable since his doctors thought he would die at 15 or so (which would have been in 1954. He married Sandra Dee, the actress, who has this great line in the movie:

Bobby Darin: Kissing Troy Donahue is not acting.
Sandra Dee: Well, then, you should try it.

Spacey’s performance won a Golden Globe nomination and deservedly. He also co-wrote the piece, which has an intriguing use of a young Bobby Darin.

Harold Pinter wins Nobel prize for literature, it is announced. I suppose this is a good thing, though I prefer Alan Bennett (who published a new and, according to the critics, excellent new book last week – Untold Stories). Pinter’s work is masterly, yet repetitive. But he is a powerful playwrite and activist and his work did have a significant impact on the theatre. He also has cancer, which makes him frail and I guess the Nobel committee honoured him for his work “just in time”.

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