Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Getting Going

Saw one of the most dreadful films of all time this last week-end - The Assasination of Richard Nixon with Sean Penn. A pretentious, slow and poorly written film. A case study of method acting (Penn) without a purpose. If you have your wits about you, you'll give it a miss.

Speaking about having our wits about us, went for a 16.5km walk in Elk Island Park (lovely, by the way) and came upon a Wood buffalo chewing the cud right on the path. They are big buggers and can turn nasty. While normally they walk at about a mile a week, when angry they can travel a lot of distance in a very very short time. So, after a wait, we went around it through the woods. I kept thinking of Churchill's phrase "whatever happens, KBO" - keep buggering on!

Been watching Rome - an HBO/BBC joint venture (along with an Italian company). High production values and lots of tits and arse - should sell well. All of the Roman's have Oxford accents, except for the bad guys who appear to be from Cambridge. Gives new meaning to the phrase "up Pompeii".

Not many good films about, though I am looking forward to Ladies in Lavender - Judi Dench.

Finally killed Mr. Chan. It was easy. Mr Chan is the name associated with my phone number as far as Safeway is concerned. Each time I wanted to get my Safeway Card recognition - lower priced goods and now cash against gas buys - they had me down as Mr Chan. Glyn finally arranged for the death of Mr Chan (Glynworks at Safeway pending his move to the US as an occupational therapist).

Back to work on the book...

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