Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Business of the Wedding

When I got married, we had a small dinner just the two of us to celebrate our engagement. I had a stag night, we had the wedding and a wedding dinner for around thirty and then we went on honeymoon to the Lake District, where it rained for days. There was also a short time between engagement and wedding – I was just coming up to 19 (in 1970) and had to get back to University by late September.

Now, it’s a massive marketing game. So far, as far as I can tell, there has been a stag, a “stagette” and a shower (involving gifts as good as wedding gifts). There is to be a rehearsal with dinner for 30 on Thursday, wedding on Saturday with dinner for around 135 and then a present opening the next day for the wedding presents.

The attempts to rip off the couple have been remarkable – one hotel wanted $50/bottle corkage and $10/head to cut a cake. It will be wonderful, but it seems to be an awful long time since the lovely couple got engaged. Ah well, guess I better get used to it. Another one will occur sometime soon.

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Roberta said...

That is a rip-off. Especially the cake-cutting bit. I'd be tempted to let guests rip and tear off a piece or else tell the hotel that in my culture, a family member is always a 'cake-cutter/server designate' that is part of the wedding party. It's tradition and no one should mess with tradition.