Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Next Pope..

Benedict is alive and well, but my favourite online bookie store - - isnt taking any chances, and has already opened the book on the outcome of the next conclave. Favourite at this stage, and we have to admit its very early betting, is the 6-1 Cardinal of Venice, Cardinal Angelo Scola. But the more interesting odds are:

1. Bono 1000-1 (which means, someone has actually placed cash on this). Given his antics over Africa, it is a possibility!

2. My favourite, but only as the best funny candidate in a long time, is Father Dougal Maguire of Craggy Island - from the comedy TV series.., also at 1000-1

I called my friend at Paddypower (someone I went to school with) and he said that Arnie is also 1000-1...he is Catholic..

See for current odds.

The other novelty bet I took a look at concerns who will win the Nobel Prize for Peace - bets that are interesting here are:

1. Bono 7-1 (Bob Geldof is at 16-1 - guess its Bono's singing voice that makes the difference).

2. Tony Blair and George Bush are both at 250-1

So, if Bono doesnt become Pope he has a shot at the Nobel prize..


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