Monday, May 30, 2005

Where's Bill ?

Walking is one of life's pleasures. Fortunately, Edmonton has an outstanding trail system which includes river walks and walks up and down the hills in the McTaggart Sanctuary, which is where we were on Sunday. Its a 12km hike of over 16,000 steps with some hill climbing. Nice.
It was also a great day - around 22 degrees, but there is a lot of shade on the walk, so it was never too hot.

The walk was organized by the Weskahagen Trail association - a walking club we joined 2.5 years ago which maintains a substantial trail around the region.

Around 30 people showed up and off we went. At the lunch break someone suddenly asked "where's Bill ?" and Bill was no where to be found. An experienced group back tracked our walk to see if he was there while the rest began the return journey. En route we bumped into some mountain bikers who claimed to have seen Bill (they described him well without any prompting), so we became confident he would be back at the car park.

He wasn't. So once again experienced walkers set off to look.

I don't know whether they found him - we helped to get 3 other people back home - but we will post news next week. Meanwhile, a lot of people could Kill Bill.

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PJ said...

More to the point: Where's Steve?