Sunday, May 01, 2005

Neverland is Here

Watched Johnny Depp last night in Finding Neverland - a lovely and poignant movie about the child that is in all of us and the way in which manners, social expectations and political correctness stamp it out of us as we grow older (and, for some children, very early on as their parents push them to adult careers or sports without letting them enjoy themselves). Dustin Hoffman, as the theatre owner, also was excellent in his small part. Well worth watching.

I am loving my iPod, which I bought on e-bay at a fantastic price ($175US for a 40gb version). I can listen to it anywhere, broadcast music from the iPod to any radio and listen through that or connect it to any system that has either firewire or a USB port. I have 6 days of music loaded, so I can manage most journeys. Its one of those gadgets we dont need but shouldnt be without.

As the politics in Canada go from serious to silly - its the approaching silly season - the politics in Britain go from serious to scandal. Blair clearly is one of those people who beleives what he says himself must be true, even when he hears what he says for the first time. The latest news about Iraq will greatly help Charles Kennedy, but will make little difference to the outcome. This is because Michael Howard is equally cruddy as a politician. Perhaps there is "something of the night" about him - there is definately something missing.

But the way the cookie crumbles - helped now by the ease at which Britain's electoral system can be manipulated like that in Zimbabwe - is that there are key consituencies which have "signal" roles in the system and as of this morning, these look like safe labour seats. The Telegraph (which can hardly be accused of being pro labour) is predicting another labour landslide. Its sad that real choice has ended in Britain.

But at least you can win. The Spectator have an online competition for people to guess the number of seats each party will hold at close on May 6th (when the votes are all in). Cant remember what the prize is, but it is likely to be more fun than the election itself.

James (eldest son) moved into his condo Friday/Saturday. Nice it is too - 2 bedrooms, big walk in closets, a bathroom and a half, nice kitchen/lounge/diner. Elegant. He had great pride in it all..very nice, as he would say.

Cant garden, too cold (snowed Friday). Hoping for warm. Actually lit the fire yesterday - this is after 2 weeks of +20 and higher. Ah well - "its a dry cold".

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