Saturday, April 23, 2005


I have been in Jamaica and experienced real luxury - a wonderful villa, great staff and food, wonderful friends (many new) and a lovely, peaceful place to be.

Meanwhile, we have a new Pope (Ratzinger was one of my top 2 picks - the other, Tettamanzi, either did well according to some sources or didnt do anything according to the Italian press). The most strenuous opponents to Ratzinger in the conclave were other Germans. Hm. Even his brother sounded pessimistic when interviewed by the press, indicating that Benedict 16th was not a well man. Well god bless him.

Watched some films - Vera Drake (excellent and a classic Mike Leigh film), Elektra (total and utter rubbish - thank goodness I was on a flight) and a film with Nicolas Cage, Harvey Keitel, John Voight and others called National Treasure (a load of nonsense, but amusing). Read some books - including Small Island by Andrea Levy, which I consider first class as a novel (interesting structure, funny, evocative, powerful story of both people and the attitude towards colour in the UK in the period immediately after world war 2). Drank rum punch (less said..).

James (son) was supposed to be moving today, but his condo isnt quite finished, so we delay a week. He's pumped. Owning his own place is a big deal, especially since they own 25% of it outright and the balance is small ($100,000) in terms of a mortgage, so well done James!

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