Sunday, March 13, 2005

Smarmy People - Odd People

Michael Jackson, the well known black to white minstrel, is running out of cash. While his assets (it is said) outweigh his liabilities, he has liquidity problems - he is short $300m. Seems to me he also has sanity problems. What I never understood was how a seemingly intelligent woman like Lisa Marie Presley could ever find herself married to him in 1994. At least she had the sense to end it pretty quickly. He then married to Debbie Rowe, a former nurse in 1996 with whom he had two children - Prince Michael 1 and Paris Michael Katherine. Pity them.

He's not the only odd guy around, though he is the current leading odd bloke to watch. I find others odd too - like Don Hill, recently fired CBC broadcaster (the only radio host I actually found myself disliking intensely - not because of his views, but because he was so patronizing, self congratulatory and downright "smarmy") or the guy who hosts the BBC show Bargain Hunt David Dickinson. Apart fromn the fact that he is a different colour from any other human being (which I guess is something he has in common with Michael Jackson), he is also "smarmy" and, well, odd.

I dont mind eccentrics - in fact, most of my own education was by eccentrics - but these "smarmies" I find difficult to take.

Jackson's trial may prove entertaining, but his behaviour is worrying. At least Don Hill and David Dickinson are harmless.

Watched Motorcycle Diaries last night - a strong simple film which I enjoyed. Lovely views of Latin America which encouraged me to want to go. Good story line and a well made film.

Just finished reading the second volume of James Lees-Milne biography of Harold Nicholson - statesman, writer and bon vivant. Married to Vita Sackville-West, who had an affair with Virginia Woolfe. They were both bisexual (Harold and Vita). Harold had hardly any money - he had to write to be able to eat (like Churchill) and only occassionally did Vita lend give him money. He designed Sissinghurst, supported by Vita - probably one of the most beautiful gardens in England.

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