Thursday, March 03, 2005

I have been away in Toronto for a few days - cold and miserable it was too. Saw the film Kinsey, and what a dull film it was. I can understand the interest in him and he did do some interesting things, but Liam Neeson plays him with such intensity and seriousness that he hardly seems human.

I have also read one of the mystery novels by Henning Mankell (The Fifth Woman) - a Swedish writer who has an "Inspector Morse-like" quality. Very good. Picked up two more and am working through a second (The White Lioness). Also read Eats, Shoots, Leaves by Lynne Truss - subtitled A Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation, which is both a good introduction to basic punctuation and also funny. I like her point about hyphens - look at the difference between the phrase "extra marital affairs" and "extra-marital affairs"! She has it in for Susan Sontag though - wonder why ?

Watched the Oscar show with the family. What a dull show this year. Chris Rock was below par - and certainly not up to the billing. His funniest line was that "next year they'll be awarding Oscars in the parking lot - there'll be a drive through lane for technical Oscars" - a reference to the fact that a number of Oscars were presented right down in the audience (not at the level "look under your seat, one of you will find your Oscar there!" - but close). I think the dullness of the show matched perfectly the dullness of the film season.

Our Government (Alberta) has announced some $4.5b in endowment funding for post-secondary education - which, interestingly, didn't make a headline in the national CBC news last night (but spending $2.5b on a GM plant in Ontario did). No wonder Alberta feels badly done to.
More to come, I guess.

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