Friday, February 18, 2005

The Things that Annoy

Small things annoy me.

The poor quality of pronunciation on the radio and television - for example, Carrie Doll our newsreader simply does not know how to say Wimbledon (she adds a "t" - Wimbleton).

The poor quality of north American newspapers, with the possible exception of the New York Times and the even poorer quality of American and Canadian TV news. Where is the in-depth reporting ? The really strong investigative journalism?

The idea that fries (which British people call chips, but chips here are what Brits call "crisps") go with gravy or that fries, cheese curds and gravy go together (its called Poutine).

Classic FM in Britain playing the same piece of music more than twice a day - in fact, if you listen often enough you develop the view that they only have a dozen CD's!

Don Hill on CBC Edmonton radio at 1pm weekdays - patronizing, "know all" who annoys the hell out of me by his condescending tone, air of superiority (usually associated with liberal, high moral ground points of view which are often dead wrong) - he is the only broadcaster to make me reach boiling point on a regular basis.

The absence of really good comedy, especially on radio. While we have Madly Off in All Directions, it is patchy and not often funny. But its something. The Royal Canadian Air Farce team should retire - they dont look to be enjoying themselves and rarely do we. This Hour Has 22 Minutes has lost its satire and biting edge. We are left with the funniest thing on TV being the coverage of parliament.

Poor quality food and people who think such food is good.

But when you look over the list, its not too bad. In fact, they are all relatively small things in life.
So I guess, I dont get annoyed much (unless Don Hill is broadcasting).

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