Thursday, February 24, 2005

My Electric Trousers

A Professor at the University of Toronto has invented a nanotechnology spray, which when used on certain fabrics, converts the fabric to a large scale receptor for solar power. Rather than use the suns light, it uses infra red to charge the cells, thus is able to recharge itself even when it is cloudy. A pair of pants thus become a battery cell. A jacket is a battery cell as also can be any item of clothing, provided it is exposed to infra red rays.

Imagine, then, the possibilities:

  • Beachwear advertising how available you are for parties, fun and games;
  • Trousers indicating on the backside your current interests and hobbies, so it will be quicker to make friends and meet people;
  • Hats with vibrating logos, showing your favourite team, or..
  • Shoes with constantly changing messages
  • The back of your jacket being an area which can display text messages

I am not overly excited about this technology. Imagine:

  • Tony Blair (actually pronounced Bliar) with his jacket back displaying "I'M TONY, TRUST ME"
  • Paul Martin, sometime Prime Minister of Canada, with "Mr Dithers" on his lapel
  • Madonna with "I'm Married, Honest" on the crotch of her show panties

It could all get rather out of hand. But then, well..I guess nanotechnology will make all things possible..

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