Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Whitening Teeth! Don' Do It!

My good and dear friend Shelley told me a tale about teeth whitenening this morning.

Before I retell the story, let just muse for a moment: why are so many people whitening their teeth ? Fashion. Its pure and simple fashion. There is nothing hygienic about it. It costs a lot of money to do professionally (and a fair bit to do it yourself) and its pointless. Totally and utterly pointless.

So Shelley has it done (dont ask why). She goes and spends real money and sits with her mouth looking like the end of a truck that has just unloaded a tonne of hay for an hour or so, goes away and does things with her teeth at home as per the kit and instructions and then comes bac to her dentist for more gob smacking pain. Then she goes home and the pain really starts. At one point, says Shell's, she wanted to pull each of her teeth out they were so painful. She nipped down to the liquor store and purchased the best known remedy: wine. It didn't take the pain away, just made it less obvious.

"I'd rather give birth", says Shelley (who knows about birth, since she is mum to two grown people). She also now only uses Sensodyne toothpaste - there's a clue right there!

Her advice: just don't do it!
My advice: don't even think about doing it.

Now, is this clear!

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