Monday, September 01, 2008

Last Word (for now) on Palin and McCain

As if this couldn't get worse. Paiin's daughter, Bristol (17), is pregnant and unmarried. She will marry the father and the baby will be born around the time of Obama's inauguration.

This in itself is no bad thing. It happens to many parents and daughters/sons. A Governor's daughter is no exception. She is also handling the parental issues well here and is being very supportive of her daughter. Good.

What is interesting here is whether McCain knew. He initially said no but his staff quickly changes his mind and indicated that he did. We will never know for sure.

What is disturbing is the lack of candour. Palin, if McCain wins, will Chair the Senate and will be under daily scrutiny as a Vice President and potential President. It was inevitable that this would come out so you think that the team would manage the news and ensure it was spun. Instead, it leaks out and then they respond. What next, one wonders?

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