Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Obesity Police

Obesity is a serious problem and can cause all sorts of complications - it is due to a combination of diet, genetics and exercise. A lot of work is taking place to change the behaviour of individuals by helping them understand at a personal level what they should/shouldn't eat and how they should eat it. I am not confident that this will make much difference = there are other (corporate) interests at stake.

Britain is considering going one step further. There is a serious discussion about giving social workers the right to remove obese children from the home in which they are living with their patent or parent.

Talk about fascism !


Christy Pettit said...

I found this fodder today that links the anti-fat fascists to the environmental bait and switch you've been exposing...


Eventually it all comes together.

Elin Morén said...

I say! You do have a good point, and I think I might just keep reading your blog ^.^

Anonymous said...

Serious issues here - well done...and welcome to Stepohen's blog Elin