Monday, August 18, 2008

No News Day

I am old enough to remember as a child when TV shut down for a while - not enough programs. I also remember, but am unable to verify, occasions when the BBC said "there is no news today, instead we will listen to some music...".

This persists today. Despite many 24 hour news channels and a plethora of newspapers and blogs, there is in fact very little news. That is, news that changes something in a significant way for a lot of people.

So scarce is news that we have to make it up. There are now so many celebrities (most of whom, I have never heard of) who have they behaviours and speech headlined every day. Who cares that Amie Winehouse bummed at a concert or that Paris Hilton is not wearing panties.

On CNN right now there are several segments devoted to the question Who and When Will Barrack Obama Choose as His Running Mate? Note that he has not announced one, has not released a short list and doesn't have to name anyone till next week, but at least this is filling air time.

Occassionally there is some news - the Prime Minister actually calls an election (that he is thinking of do so i not news), the Queen dies, Musharif resigns, George Bush says something very intelligent, Gordon Brown actually wins a by-election. But most of what we count as news actually is air fluff.

So I suggest we go back to the old world and, whenever we can, say "there is no news today and we have decided not to make a load of "news" up, so here is some music." Wouldn't that be refreshing!

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