Friday, November 17, 2006

A Small Surprise

Its been a week now. Last Thursday I had a small stoke, seeing double, feeling feint and generally anxious. Blood pressure 198/122 and blood glucose levels at 16. Admitted to the stroke clinic.

Both the Royal Alex hospoital and the University of Alberta looked after me well - saw me quickly, were very thorough and exhausted all f the resources available. I had a cat-scan - no cats were found - ultrasound (recordings of Barry Mannilow) on my arteries and I am soon to have an MRI.

Back on the meds (including 80mg of Lipitor - Lynne is on 10mg), diet and exercise - lost 4lbs in a week (at this rate I will be a sliver by Xmas).

Its a wake up call. I heard it. Thanks to all who have let me know their concern. I will be around a while.

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