Friday, November 17, 2006

November Films

Borat – schoolboy humour with a cynical twist – it makes American’s look thick and uneducated. Sasha Baron Cohen has done a magnificent job of revealing American’s for being American. Film is doing well – top box office two weeks in a row. I saw it opening day! Brave stuff.

Inside Man - Clive Owen, Denziel Washington, Jodie Foster and Willem Defoe in this bank robber thriller (which begins with great Bollywood music and terrific images) directed by Spike Lee. Hostage taking and negotiation drama - exceptionally well done, as we might expect from Spike Lee. Solid movie. Must see.

The Prairie Home Companion – fell asleep. I blame Garrison Keeler, he is so bored with his own show that it comes across in the movie. No wonder its no longer on the radio. Shouldn’t be on DVD either.

The End of Silence – an independent film. A ballerina from Russia stays in Toronto, has a relationship and then decides to go back to dance. That’s the plot. Gripped? I wasn’t. Dull as ditchwater. As exciting as a barium enema.

The Murders on Rue Morgue – George C Scott, Val Kilmer in this 1982 made for TV movie of an Edgar Allen Poe story. A period piece, set in Paris, not worth renting and hardly worth watching.

The Night Listener – a very strong, focused movie starring Robin Williams in one of those dark roles he plays so well. Toni Collette, who plays the female lead, is exceptionally strong. A great piece of writing here by Armistead Maupin, Terry Anderson and Patrick Strettner. It is based on a novel by Armistead Maupin.

Black Dahlia – an attempt at a cross between film noir and Mickey Spillane which doesn’t really come off. Interesting idea, but a slow film which needs stronger acting to carry the nuances and better direction and editing. A film with potential which is unfortunately not realized.

The daVinci Code – A good film – well executed version of the novel. Hanks is good.

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