Sunday, July 09, 2006

Yet More Films

Rumour Has it – Jennifer Aniston stars in this Rob Reiner comedy (produced by George Clooney and several others) with Kevin Costner, Shirley McLaine – the idea is that Aniston’s mother is the lady from The Graduate…funny. Nice script and a pleasant distraction. (There seems to be a lot of family movies around – Junebug, Family Stone..).

Syrianna – another problematic movie. I am sure all concerned are very earnestly concerned about oil and politics, but this is a messy piece. Poor storylines, not very credible stories mixing with credible ones. The audience does the work of editor. I am not sure its worth the effort. Good acting by George Cluny. If you miss it, you wont have missed much.

The Libertine – Johnny Depp plays a realistic 2nd Earl of Rochester – a debauched, odd, brilliant courtier to Charles II. The film is based on a play of the same name, which is itself based on a great deal of historical work about the Earl. Odd bloke. Interesting story. Not a film for family (lots of words most people are offended by).

Eve and the Firehorse – a nice Vancouver made film about a Chinese family’s two daughters and their emerging Catholicism. Compelling acting by the two girls and a good family story. Well worth watching. Won a special jury prize at the Sundance film festival.

24 Season 2 – Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good thriller and I admire the team behind this TV show. But really. This is very silly. Too many far fetched stretches of the imagination, suspensions of belief and poor plot lines get in the way – just how dim is Kim Bauer, how many shouts down the telephone can Bauer have with the President and how dumb is he? Anyway. Starts strong but then just gets silly. Suggest the next series be called 4.

A Good Woman – set in the 1930’s with Helen Hunt, Scarlett Johansson, Tom Wilkinson and many others. Set in the Amalfi coast of Italy (super scenery), strong writing (some great one liners - just as one would expect from Oscar Wilde, this is an adaptation of Lady W's fan) and very good period setting from a costume/props point of view, it’s a strong story line and Hunt is excellent as a mature, professional mistress. Good acting all round. Strongly recommended. Best line in the whole thing: *Saussages and women are best not seen as they are being prepared".

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