Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tim Bits

Thank goodness.

We are in day three of Wimbledon and Tim Henmann - the British public school pain who has dogged Wimbledon for years by raising British hopes only to be dashed by grim, painful, sometimes traumatic and excessively passive tennis - was beaten today by Roger Federer. I am so relieved I could start playing myself.

For years and years we have watched Tim struggle, win some, loose a lot. He sometimes gets as close as a quarter final or semi final, only to collapse under pressure. At least its done with.

And so convincingly too - 6-4,6-0,6-2 - cant get much better bashing than that.

The other good news is that his co-star the British (or is it Canadian) Greg Rusedski is out. He's another pain - always promising, never delivering....

Now I can watch and enjoy...

I also look forward to England's world cup game against Portugal, having enjoyed France vs Spain the other day (we shan't talk about the debacle with Portugal's game against Germany... tho the good news is that the ref has been sent home!!).

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