Sunday, November 27, 2005

Definately the Opera

When asked if I am an opera fan, I usually say no. Then I usually get asked which opera's I have been to. Here is the list

La Boheme (2x, one at Syndney Opera House and one at Covent Garden)
Alcina (Syndey Opera House)
Boris Gudenov (Cardiff)
Noyes Fludde (performed)
Peter Grimes (Bradford)
Billy Budd (Cardiff)
Fulimena (Edmonton)
Marriage of Figaro (Cardiff)
The Telephone (Cardiff)
Amahl and the Night Visitors (Cardiff)
Les Miserables (London)
Phantom of the Opera (Vancouver)
Cats (Edmonton)

- and then there is Gilbert and Sullivan - Pirates, Ruddygore, Patience, Iolanthe, Pinafore, Mikado, Gondoliers, Grand Duke...we had a friend in the chorus of D'Oyle Carte..

Not much for a man of 55 - but enough to indicate that I dont have an aversion, its just that I dont get out to opera much..I listen a lot. I have several Handel operas and have watched several on DVD and television - including Purcell.

My preference is the Handel and baroque and Mozart.. guess this is something I need to work at.

When it comes to ballet, I have been to Covent Garden twice (once for a studio performance and once for main stage) and to the Alberta Ballet, including their recent performance of Romeo and Juliet - which was magnificient. A friend, Michele, has just become general manager of the Alberta Ballet and wants me involved, so I guess I'll happily get to see more..

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