Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The CBC - What Went Wrong ?

The CBC is very confused about what it is trying to do. First, it creates the conditions in which is locks out its broadcasters for several weeks without anyone really understanding why. On the return to work, with no obvious winners from the dispute, the CBC doesn't really get to grips with its future. Instead, it complains about the lack of funds.

Then it does some radio programme changes - completely ruining the afternoon schedule for Radio 1 (what the hell is the 2pm "Freestyle" show? - its just a couple of people chatting and playing music, no substance and no theme and definitely not the opera), encouraging Sheelagh Rogers to giggle even more than normal by inviting equally giggley guests and giving yet more air time to Jian Ghomeshi - whose inane, frantic banter is so annoying and the whole idea of the national music list with voting is just more dumbing down.

Radio 2 is fine until we get to Jurgen Gothe - his time is up and his "jokes" (sic) no longer are funny and his show should simply stop. Extend Studio Sparks till 4pm and have done. At the week-ends we have Howard Dick - also time he went. As for Stuart McLean .... does anyone actually care for him - hectoring, inane stories about Dave and Morley (all of which are basically the same), music that doesnt enthrall...what is the point?

As for CBC TV, I can rarely bring myself to watch it - and obviously, given the viewing numbers, others feel the same. I am told that the CBC TV evening news at 6pm in Edmonton attracts less than 6,000 viewers. The top 10 Edmonton blogs do better. The grey cup coverage was more talk than watch - why do those in the box feel the need to talk all the time? Why wasn't the score always shown in the top left hand corned so that those of us who flipped between the game and other TV could find out how we were doing? (Its meant to be a public service!). How much longer should we let the Air Farce embarass themselves with their TV show ? It really all is very tired.

There are some excellent shows on the radio - anything involving Eleanor Wachtel (who, like me, has an honorary degree from Athabasca University) or Tod Maffin, Ideas, In Performance and the News (generally).

If this sounds like a rant, it is. Time this broadcaster decided to hell with ratings, lets go for quality. Its time they decided that their strength is radio and got out of the TV business. Its time they decided to shake up the cast list and put depth back into radio. Its a sad day when 630 CHED becomes a better source of intelligent conversation than the CBC.

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