Monday, August 22, 2005

Family Fortunes

This is a genuine interaction on this (dreadful) game show...

Host: Apart from doors, we asked 100 people to name something that people open?

Contestant: Bowels..

Or this from the Scottish Sunday Mail: "The most frightening thing about AIDS is that it can be spread by normal sex between men and women. This is still rare in Scotland."

Or this from BBC Breakfast just a few weeks ago when I was in London

Newscaster: What can you tell us about MI5's involvement in all of this?

Reporter: Not a lot. They are a very secret organization.

But my pick of the week, seen today on the Students Union Noticeboard in a building at the University of Alberta this afternoon:

Low Self Esteem Group will Meet THURSDAY at 7pm - Please Use the Back Door.

- things like this just make your day don’t they..

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