Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Worst Films

Its been a bad week.

First, I was in Calgary and watched Oceans 12. What a pointless piece of rubbish this was. Potentially good actors all of them and not a single decent scene. Terrible script, poor camera work and, well, I dould have fallen asleep at any time.

In fact I did, but I was watching Meet the Fockers. What a total piece of utter and absolute bollocks this was from start to finish. I hope to goodness that this is the last (Meet the Parents was the first).

Some slight, but not much, relief in A Series of Unfortunate Events with Jim Carey, Billy Connolly and so on...

If you are wondering why I am watching movies all the time, I decided to leave the University and freelance for the rest of my life - need to find some $60k a year in fees to pay for the life I lead, so I reckon I should be able to do this. So the plan is to finish in September and then...well, life's a risk. I am debt free, so this helps..

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