Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Jerk Chicken for Seniors

We had jerk chicken last night in memory of our week in Montego Bay. Nearly blew my head off. Scotch bonnet peppers that make up part of the paste we bought are dangerous things! Talk about weapons of mass destructions - if you made someone eat 10 of these, you'd be done with them.

Popped into Wal Mart yesterday for our annual check up to see what is happening. Made $8. The staff dont give a hoot and charged us the wrong price for two items, so we made $8. They were so laid back you could limbo dance underneath them. I think they had all taken lethargy pills. I also made $5 for a "seniors discount" at the wine store. Must look old (especially after a serious hair cut, for which I got a $2 senior discount). So all in all made $15 in discounts and mistakes. Not a bad day out. It'll help to pay for the new deck furniture.

I had a day of bits and pieces yesterday - couldn't really settle into anything. Read a little - lots of documents about innovative government (around 30 of them) and some futures pieces concerning energy, agriculture, water etc. I am finishing up my work for the National Research Council on the future of innovative development and need to get on with it. It'll come.

Writing is such an interesting process. You intend to do things, but they have to percolate first. When the material is ready, you get it down on paper. Some writers just write 1,000 words a day (or more) and then review it later to find out what they have said. Others have it all worked out. Stephen King has written a nice little text on writing as a process, which I like since it reflects very much how I work.

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