Saturday, February 12, 2005

"Sometimes a Dick is just a Detective"

That's a headline in today's Globe and Mail (or Glob and Mall as I like to think of this Toronto centric newspaper which is distributed nationally). An author took the fuss over the Freud archives and turned it into a novel, hence the headline..

We have had an interesting cafuffle here over our Police Chief. In fact, this week we have had 3 Police Chiefs - the actual chief (Raynor) who was fired Tuesday, the acting Chief (da Costa) who was hired Tuesday and the would-be chief who was contracted Tuesday (subject to agreement with City Council) who was let go Thursday. This is a complicated story, but some good comes out of it. The press indicate this morning that Athabasca University will be asked to launch a course for Police Commissioners ... work Curtis Clark and I did last year is suddenly paying off..

It looks like being a good year for Athabasca - new funds, new President and Vice President, new spirit of optimism. Hope these things dont get in the way of needed changes to our core ways of work..the problem with sudden postive $$ is that they often delay work that really needs to be done..

Had a wonderful Japanese meal last evening with Neil and Jeanne. We just asked for the meal for 4 and food kept coming - wonderful fishy Miso soup, great sushi, outstanding chicken Terryaki, a strange cold noodle dish in a nice sauce which one dipped in another sauce before eating.. anyway, left full and very pleasantly surprised. My previous experience of Japanese meals is having to pop in for a pizza on the way home..not this time.

Searching for volume 2 of the Harold Nicolson biography of James Lees-Milne while at the same time continuing to read Graham Greene biography by Norman Sherry. Writing the book on Innovative Enterprises with Don Simpson and rewriting the earlier book we did together on Focused Innovation - essentially updating. Busy time..

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