Thursday, February 10, 2005

Camilla, Charles and Weddings

So Prince Charles is to marry Camilla Parker Bowles (whom Private Eye sometimes refers to as Camilla Poke your Bowels) on April 8th in Windsor in a civil ceremony followed by a blessing in the Royal Chapel. She is to become HRH Duchess of Cornwall. Good luck to them.

I wonder if I shall be invited ? After all, I have been to Cornwall a few times and I did meet a Queen once and had dinner with her (Queen Juliana of the Netherlands).

We have our own sons wedding this fall (October 8th) and my good and dear friend Sarajane is marrying on 30th July in Bristol - so this is obviously a year of celebrity weddings!

We were looking at our wedding photographs on Sunday. What a thin, geeky looking guy I was. Young (I was 18) and looking more like a chemist than a bon vivant, and had very big glasses (as also did Lynne). Then, after a few years, I looked like Captain Birdseye with a full beard and lots and lots of hair. In fact, I would say an unbelievable amount of hair. In fact, so much hair that you could make a hair bed out of it. Dont know what I was thinking.

What I do remember is Lynne's dad being terrified of the speaking role he had at the banquet afterwards. He would practice this in the lavatory at home. When it came to the actual speech he stood up and simply said "all the best to you!".

Well good luck to Camilla and Charles, James and Lena and Sarajane and Brian.

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