Saturday, May 18, 2013

Save Arts and Creative Education in Alberta

Alberta is home to Canada's largest concentration of Oscar nominees, holds the worlds fifth largest fringe festival, has more theatre's per capita than any other city in North America, has a world class Ballet company with an innovative Artistic Director (Jean Grand-Matre), one of its professional symphony orchestras played at Carnegie Hall this last year and we have rich cultural traditions...

What is more, the creative industries - design, architecture, arts and craft, the performing arts, fine arts, literature, creative technologies, film and television - are growing and are key to our quality of life.

Why then are programs in schools which support them being cut? Why are after school programs so essential to build capacity and develop skills being cut? Why do we se mathematics as more important than dance or music? Why isnt everyone being taught design at every grade, K-12?

What is our fantasy about our economy? Do we not recognize that mindfulness and compassion, creativity and imagination, care and commitment are as important as engineering and science?

Watch this very short video to get my take.

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