Friday, April 02, 2010

The Canadian Broadcasting Castration

What is a commercial, as in radio commercial? There are several definitions. One is this: “pertaining to commerce and having either monetary or non-monetary gain as motive”. Keep this in mind.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), which some wits now call the Canadian Broadcasting Castration, following the cuts made to classical music programming over a year ago, is funded by over $1 billion of public funds. It constantly complains of poverty and constantly irritates the public by its whining and general misery-boys performance when in front of Senate and Commons committees.

But it is now unbelievably frustrating to listen to. One reason, and for me it is serious, is that is constantly runs commercials (see definition above) saying that it is commercial free. This nonsense is repeated three or four times an hour – trailers for other CBC shows or just the annoying repetition that you are listening to CBC Radio 2 which is commercial free.

When I wrote to the CBC, both by snail mail and email, I receive no response. As an owner of this Castration I feel demeaned by this lack of interest in the views of shareholders. As a listener to CBC Radio 2 between 9am and 2.45pm on weekdays (Mountain Standard Time),this is slowly driving me to drastic action. I don’t know what form this will take, but it could well be streaming BBC Radio 3.

Its no wonder that the CBC gets a rough ride in the public mind when it both disregards us and then insults our intelligence.
Rant over.

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Anonymous said...

"the annoying repetition that you are listening to CBC Radio 2 "
CRTC regulations require that radio stations identify themselves on the half hour. As far as the cross-promotion, yeah it's annoying.