Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Top Ten Observations from a Trip To Europe

London - Edinburgh - Amsterdam - Utrecht - London - Filey - London and this is a collage of images:

  1. Girls wearing very short skirts who constantly pulled at them to try make them longer - why not just buy a longer skirt?
  2. Pink - and I mean very pink - hair.
  3. Skirts on top of jeans on top of leggins..
  4. Drinking in the street - London, Amsterdam and Edinburgh - wasn't that warm either.
  5. A preoccupation with being seen to do the right thing - buying organic, buying fair trade, offsetting CO2, worrying about the carbon footprint - the media have done a good job selling righteousness.
  6. Insightful newspapers - thank goodness for the Guardian and Telegraph. No idea what The Times is anymore.
  7. Growing presence of the lisp.
  8. Men with very very close cropped hair and a new celebration of baldness.
  9. Sport. Everywhere. All the time. Sick.
  10. Extremes.
Will be back in September, this time France and possibly Italy..

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