Thursday, April 02, 2009

G20 Summit Almost Done

We're close to the end of the summit and are awaiting the communique with respect to financial regulation. But we already know that the G20 have agreed to tripple the IMF budget and name and shame tax havens. What they are likely to also do is come up with a number that reflects just how much the G20 countries are pumping into their own economies - it will be a big number, meant as a proxy for stimulus. This is exactly what I said would happen in my radio interview last night.

For me, the biggest news is that Michelle Obama hugged the Queen.

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Chris Smolyk said...

Yes....the Hug. And the way the First Lady
put her arm around the shoulder of the Queen.....and the Queen put her arm around
Mrs.Obama's waist. They tried to ignore the Queen's response by portraying Obama
and his wife as wildly violating protocols.
And on the Daily Show, they made fun of the "bow" to the Saudi king. Heck, Japanese folks bow all the time.
The very notion that America would show
respect for anyone else seems to confuse
the media.

chris smolyk