Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trading Calorie Credits

Childhood and adult obesity are serious problems – not unlike the perceived problems with man made greenhouse gas emissions. So why don’t we borrow the approved EU solution to the latter and apply it to the former?

I propose we initiate a calorie trading scheme. Every living person be allocated an allowed calorie level for daily consumption automatically, based on a series of appropriate measures. They can only buY food anywhere with calorie credits. If they want more food, they have to go to the calorie market to buy additional credits – if they have excess credits, they sell them on the calorie market for those who wish to eat more. There could be calorie brokers who make sure that you can get credits. Also, if you want a specially big meal not only can you buy additional calorie credits, you can buy calorie offsets – a financial payment to an organic farm so that they can grow more carrots and onions.

If you think this sounds ridiculous, ask yourself why this is appropriate for C02 emissions and not for calories!

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