Thursday, March 12, 2009

The End is Near...

The Prince of Wales was reported as warning that there only ‘100 months left’ to prevent the catastrophe of climate change.3,000 days. What on earth is the man thinking, so to speak?

What does he think is going to happen in the next 8.3 years? Does he think that the climate is going to get so cold (most reviews now suggest we will experience 10- 30 years of cooling on top of the cooling that has taken place for the last 10 years) - that some 5 billion will die of cold? Does he believe that the climate will get hotter by another 0.7 degrees Fahrenheit - like it did over the last one hundred years? Does he buy the goofy notion that the oceans will rise 20 feet, as Al Gore suggested (and no one believes?).

He is sure that catastrophe is just around the corner - with carbon cap and trade schemes simply buying more time. He wants to return to a low carbon economy, with a stronger reliance on wind, solar and biomass (he never mentions nuclear) on the basis of computer models that are designed with predicting this catastrophe in mind. Thank goodness few believe this stuff.

I had the pleasure listening to the current President of the European Union and the President of the Czech Republic, who knows first had what "green" may mean - he experienced communism for many years. He also knows that the greens are too yellow to confirm that they are really red.

Charles Moore, in this weeks Spectator, is hopeful that this will lead us to further smile in a few years time. Charles says "it means that, in eight years’ time, HRH will have no reason to make any more speeches on the subject. He will be like the leader of one of those small religious sects in places like Wyoming who take their followers up to the top of a mountain to await the end of the world and then, when nothing happens, come rather sheepishly back down and get on with normal life. Unlike such leaders, though, Prince Charles may well be King."

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