Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Coldest March in 100 Years...

March 2009 is amongst the coldest in the last 100 years in Alberta – another sign that the planet is cooling. In February 2009 Malta experienced both the coldest and wettest February in the last thirty years and Germany also had the coldest winter in 100 years. Its been cold in China, but last year, 2008, China had the coldest March in 100 years.

So what happened to global warming? Most climate scientist do not publicize this much, but there has been no net warming since 1998 in the global climate.

What disturbs climate alarmists most here is that CO2 emissions have continued to rise while the temperature falls or remains the same. Worse, most of the real climatologists think that this cold period will last for some twenty five to thirty years.

So much for the direct link between CO2 and the earth’s average temperature, though we shouldn't confuse weather (which is what this is about) and climate.

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