Thursday, February 26, 2009

The USS Incompetence

Obama's budget makes interesting reading. It suggests, as many of us knew, that the Government of the United States is basically incompetent. If his team can find $2 trillion in duplicate, dysfunctional or inappropriate spending in less than two months, just imagine what they will find after a year in office. One example is striking. In education there is, according to Obama, a mentoring program that costs some $50 million which is duplicated or superseded by the services of some thirteen other programs or agencies.

There is a long list, and CNN (amongst others) is digging through budget documents to find examples of waste.

But it is the Congress who writes the budget - the President makes suggestions and then approves (or not) the final draft. All of the spending cuts he proposes have strong advocates in the House and Senate. For example, his proposal to phase out farm subsidies for farms earning more than $500,000 a year is likely to be bitterly opposed.

I enjoy hunting and fishing - both are on the cards with this budget. It will be a battle royale on the good ship of state.

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