Friday, December 05, 2008

The Harper Dion Strictly Come Ballroom Dance!

Stephen Harper survives, but with Stephane Dion? Looks unlikely. Bob Rae has decided to campaign strongly across the country and Michael Ignatieff is keeping mum. Dion didn’t manage to deliver an effective rebuttal to Harpers national address – the book Hot Air, more visible behind him that he was in front of camera, best reflected this late response (which CTV did not even carry).

Harper screwed up and we all now pay the consequences. But the coalition, such as it is, is not likely to survive – already showing real signs of strain.
What we need is for both Harper and Dion to step aside. A Prentice Premiership with an Ignatieff led opposition – now then we’re back on track.

The most disturbing thing here is the ignorance of Canadians in terms of how parliamentary democracy based on Westminster works. It is absolutely legitimate for the opposition parties to get together to use a confidence vote and topple a government and then offer to form a government without having an election. We do not elect parties or Prime Ministers, we elect a parliament and they sort out how we are then governed. Get used to it!

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