Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Brr or is it Warmer?

Two points of fact that counter the claim that the polar caps are melting at an alarming rate (the scare story of the week):

First, oceans are not rising as quickly as in the past
. Satellite altimetry data indicates that the rate at which the world's oceans are rising has slowed significantly since 2005. Before the decrease, sea level had been rising by more than 3mm/year, which corresponds to an increase of about one foot per century. Since 2005, however, the rate has been closer to 2mm/year.

The decrease is significant as global climate models predict sea level rise to accelerate as atmospheric CO2 continues to increase. In the 1990s, when such acceleration appeared to be occurring, some scientists pointed to it as confirmation the models were operating correctly.

Second, an independent analysis of NASA's data suggests something different from NASA's current claims. The data shows that the melting of sea ice trend is basically flat during this time of unprecedented temperatures. It’s clear that there has been no significant change in sea ice area.

So, again. we cant rely on computer models and NASA.

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